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HCG is composed of 4 phases. If you are interested in losing weight, the HCG diet plan is the perfect way for you as this is already proven as really effective. A lot of people have already experienced this with the drops to lose weight.

This article will enlighten you about the phase 2 of the HCG diet plan. Check this out:

This phase is called the low calorie diet. It will take about 3 to 6 weeks. You must prepare for this as not all have endured this. Before embarking on this phase, you should take a picture and weigh yourself so you will know if the plan is effective or not. When that is done, you have to set up goals that are achievable. Every time you achieve something, you can plan for a reward that does not involve eating like maybe an outing or something new for yourself.

You are expected to lose weight on a daily basis thus you need to weigh yourself every day. As a matter of fact, others have lost up to 2 pounds a day! If by chance you notice you are not getting any good results, evaluate what you have eaten and change your diet. This is also the reason why you should weigh yourself every day.

You have to strictly follow the recommended time period like at least three weeks and 6 weeks max. Doing so will give you better results.

You can drink water and in fact, you can drink only water if you want. However, it is also okay to include black tea or coffee.

Yes, the HCG diet is definitely on trend these days as it is really the most effective losing weight regimen. You should try it out yourself and for sure you will also see results.


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